What to do in Brighton and surroundings?

After living in Brighton for 7 months, it really got a place in my heart. Brighton is known for its beach, Pier and all the students. It is truly an amazing city to visit. I will share some of my favorite things in and around Brighton.

The Pier

The Pier is a place where you can find an arcade, a fair, food and some shops. I really love to watch the sunset from either side of the pier, or even on the pier. The pier is very significant to Brighton, it officially opened on 20 May 1988. The official name is The Brighton Marine Palace and Pier. The Pier is 525 meters long. It is free to visit and very popular to do so as well.

The Southern Lanes

A magical place which reminds me of Harry Potter’s Diagon Ally. The Southern Lanes are small streets with a lot of restaurants, jewellers and (antique/vintage) shops. The Lanes are a collection of narrow lanes in Brighton. A very famous TLC show: Choccywoccydoodah has their shop/office located in the lanes. It’s worth a visit and try our an amazing cake with chocolate sauce and ice cream!

The North Laine

This area in Brighton is known for its vintages stores and colourfull buildings. The North Laine shopping area is a bohemian bustle of criss-cross streets in the heart of Brighton. It is home to over 300 unique independent shops. In the North Laine, you will find at least one store you like, there is something for anybody.

The Royal Pavilion

As the name already gives, The Royal Pavilion is located in Brighton. The building itself brings you to another country. Inside is a museum. The Royal Pavilion is an exotic palace with a colorful history. It is built as a seaside pleasure palace for King George IV. The palace is over 200 years old.

The Underwalk Cliff

One special place close to Brighton Beach is The Underwalk Cliff. It’s a long bike/walk route between the ocean and the white chalk hills. It is part of the city’s coast defenses, it protects the cliffs from erosion.

The Beach

One of my favorite things about Brighton is the Beach. It’s a pebbles beach. The beach is 8.7 kilometers long and has many beach huts. It’s the best place for the sunset.


Brighton & Hove are basically one city. Hove is a seaside resort in the county of East Sussex. Brighton and Hove became an official city in 2001. Hove is in my opinion really nice and a bit classy. It has really pretty buildings and feels like a small town.

Shopping Centre

Brighton’s shopping centre is big for a small city and called Churchill Square Shopping Centre. The main street is filled with shops and stores. Then there is the shopping mall with the major stores such as H&M, Urban Outfitters, Topshop and Zara.


My friends and I went to a few restaurants around time. I created a list with several restaurants I’ve been to and definitely recommend.

  • VIP Pizza
  • Bay Leave
  • Pho
  • Suckerdough
  • Choccywoccydoodaa
  • Waffle Meister
  • Weatherspoon

We went to clubs and pubs quite a few times. There are so many different pubs. My favourites were Kings & Queens and The Hobgoblin. Every Club in Brighton is fun and has different theme nights and parties.

If you are going to visit Brighton and want more tips, feel free to contact me!


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