5 best beaches Ibiza

Ibiza has countless of beaches. Many beaches are rocks, pebbles and with cliffs, but some are with sand and barely any rocks. I have chosen my top 5 beaches where you can enjoy a day at the beach and have a nice view.

  1. Playa de Ses Salinas
  2. Cala d’Hort
  3. Portinatx
  4. Cala Benirràs
  5. Cala Gracio

Playa de Ses Salinas

Playa Fes Salinas is named after Ibiza’s famous salt lakes Las Salinas. It is a 1.5 kilometers Long Beach with many beach bars. There is a paid parking place, for about €6,- a day. It is a very with beach with crystal clear water, perfect for snorkeling and swimming. It is very windy, and has some rocks hidden under the white sand. It is about a ten minute drive from Eivissa (Ibiza city).

Cala d’Hort

Cala d’Hort is located in the southwest of Ibiza. And is very famous for its view on the magical island of Es Vedra. It has two beach bars where you can enjoy your lunch of diner. Parking is very limited here, so I recommend to park up the hill and walk down to the beach. The sunset view is spectacular, especially up the hill, where the cars are parked.


Portinatx has a few beaches, for my favorite put in the directions to “Chiringuito El Puerto”. Here you have a parking space and you are close to the lighthouse. You can walk up the hill to get to the lighthouse and closer to the cave. You can swim to the cave and enjoy a spectacular view.

Cala Benirràs

Cala Benirràs is known as the hippy beach. During the day this is a very crowded beach, mostly because of its special view. The beach is located in the town Port de Sant Miquel, I would recommend paying a visit there as well. On the beach itself there are a few beach bars where you can get a good glass of Sangria or a plate of spaghetti. Every Sunday around sunset it is filled with hippies who play music, a small market and some food stands.

Cala Gracio

Cala Gracio and its sister Cala Gracioneta are located just up north from San Antonio. It is absolutely a beautiful beach with light blue water. Parking is a bit harder, but free. The beach bars have some typical beach food such as grilled cheese, burgers, and pasta.


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